2017 April 25

10 Expressions you can use everyday

All languages have, besides typical expressions, many others commonly used in everyday’s life. Often we have to learn them by hart, in context and with their meaning. Today, I would like to teach you 10 usefull English expressions. Here is the list: At the airport / on a plane: 1. I’d like a window seat. […]

2017 April 25 Study English , ,
2016 June 3

Proverbs and sayings you can use in everyday life

Sayings, proverbs and idioms are popular, straightforward and accurate sentences that form part of a long tradition of orally transmitted culture. They address moral, practical or even superstitious issues. Many times, they are metaphorical and funny. In many cases, they are anonymous and their origin is difficult to trace back. Why are they sayings? Because […]

2016 June 3 Study English , ,
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